Will IGEA accept my insurance?

    At IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics we participate with Medicare, CIGNA, QualCare and work with a wide variety of insurance programs with the most notable being Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. If your insurance provider is not listed, don’t worry. We will also provide care for some patients who are not in our insurance network.

    Are the Doctors at IGEA board certified?

    We understand that you and your family deserve the best care available and we work hard to meet your every need. At IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics, we offer you the care and professionalism that only a team of certified physicians can provide. This team includes:

    • David Poulad, MD, FAANS – Dr. Poulad is a board-certified neurosurgeon based out of Union, New Jersey. He was one of the first neurosurgeons in New Jersey to use robotics technology in a minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery.
    • Adam Lipson, MD, FAANS – Dr. Lipson is a board-certified neurosurgeon practicing in New Jersey. He holds several talks with colleagues and other medical professionals every year to assist in the advancement of the medical field.
    • Ciro G. Randazzo, MD, MPH, FAANS – Dr. Randazzo is a New Jersey-based board-certified neurosurgeon and neuroendovascular specialist. He is one of the few neurosurgeons qualified in both open neurological surgery and neuroendovascular treatments.
    • Anil Nair, MD, FAANS – Dr. Anil Nair is a board certified neurosurgeon at IGEA Brain, Spine & Orthopedics, specializing in neurovascular and endovascular neurosurgery. He completed a fellowship in neurovascular surgery and endovascular surgery at Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philadelphia, PA.

    What do neurosurgeons do?

    A highly specialized physician with an advanced educational background and years of training in surgical procedures focusing on the brain and spine is a neurosurgeon. A neurosurgeon’s scope of practice can range from a wide array of minimally invasive procedures to complex brain and spinal surgeries. In order to produce optimal outcomes and shorter recovery times for you as a patient, neurosurgeons are trained to use state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment.

    How do I choose the right neurosurgeon?

    Determining the right neurosurgeon for your procedure can be a crucial decision. Before deciding, you should ask yourself a few questions:

    • Is my potential physician board-certified or board eligible?
    • Does my surgeon practice the latest and most up-to-date surgical techniques?
    • Does my neurosurgeon have access to and use the latest diagnostic and surgical equipment?
    • Is my surgeon trained to handle my specific needs or my specific type of surgery?
    • Does my neurosurgeon hold extended or advanced training that goes beyond a neurosurgical residency, such as a fellowship?

    If the answer to each is ‘Yes’, then you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect neurosurgeon to treat your condition.